NOVEMBER 17, 2004


OU crosses the $200 million mark in research funding

The University of Oklahoma continues to set new records in research and funding for externally sponsored programs, by crossing the $200 million mark in total expenditures for the first time in the institution’s history. Research expenditures for FY 2004 totaled $210 million. Research funding has more than doubled at OU over the last 10 years.

“It is clear that OU has become one of the greatest engines for economic growth in our state and one of the most important research centers in the entire region,” said OU President David L. Boren. “The growth in research is a tremendous tribute to the excellence and work ethic of the OU faculty. Their research activities are helping to build new jobs and new economic opportunities in Oklahoma based on intellectual property.”

In the past decade, research and sponsored programs have sustained exceptionally strong growth. From $92 million in 1994 to $210 million this year, expenditures have grown at an average rate of $11.6 million per year over the last decade. During the past year, the OU Health Sciences Center accounted for the largest growth in expenditures,
from $50 million in programs in FY 2003 to $59 million this year, an increase of almost 18 percent.

Focused research programs in weather, genomics, chemistry, health sciences and nanosciences have been particularly successful university programs, with new construction commissioned to support their growth, including two new biomedical research buildings at the OU Health Sciences Center and the Research Campus in Norman, which includes the Stephenson Research and Technology Center, National Weather Center and the recently opened multi-tenant office facility, which already houses a private weather services company that collaborates with university programs.

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