NOVEMBER 16, 2005


TCC and OSU partner to create groundbreaking dual admission program

Two of the state’s educational powerhouses, Tulsa Community College and Oklahoma State University, have teamed up for the establishment of a dual admission program, a unique partnership and the first of its kind in Oklahoma.

OSU System CEO and President David J. Schmidly and TCC President and CEO Thomas K. McKeon said TCC and OSU have been working together for more than three years and the TCC/OSU Dual Admission Program is the culmination of that partnership. Students who qualify can gain admission to both institutions at the same time and utilize academic resources and student development programs on all TCC and OSU campuses.

“This program is first and foremost about expanding student access and success,” Schmidly said. “The collaboration between TCC and OSU paves the way for students to move seamlessly between the two institutions. Students can fulfill their educational goals smoothly and efficiently.”

McKeon said high school and transfer students can submit one application for admission to any of the TCC campuses and the OSU campuses in Tulsa and Stillwater.

“Students can start classes at TCC knowing that they are also OSU students, which is an important advantage when creating a four-year plan to earn a degree,” McKeon said. “The legislative intent in creating the Tulsa model for higher education was to make pathways for students to attain degrees in the Tulsa area. The dual admission program is intended to meet the legislature’s intent and enhance graduation opportunities.”

Students admitted to the TCC/OSU Dual Admission Program can enroll in classes at either TCC or OSU or both institutions simultaneously. OSU-Tulsa President Gary Trennepohl said the ability to co-enroll creates an increased flexibility in scheduling for students.

“Through the TCC/OSU Dual Admission Program, students receive coordinated academic advising which means both institutions work closely together to help students take the most applicable courses toward completing their four-year degree,” Trennepohl said.

Trennepohl said students admitted to the program will also benefit from joint financial aid and scholarship opportunities, student employment services, career counseling, honors programs, study abroad opportunities and internship programs at TCC and OSU. Students can also participate in campus life activities at both institutions such as student organizations, recreation centers, intramural sports and OSU athletic events, like OSU football tickets at student rates.

“In addition to of all the impressive benefits of this program, students will know on their first day of class at TCC that they will be an OSU Cowboy,” Trennepohl said.

Contact: Mary Bea Drummond, OSU-Tulsa, 918.594.8223