november 13, 2002


OSU and TCC Initiate Joint Financial Aid Package

Oklahoma State University-Tulsa President Gary Trennepohl and Tulsa Community College President Dean VanTrease announced on Oct. 25 an important financial aid agreement that will enable part-time students to qualify for additional federal financial aid resources.

The presidents announced the innovative partnership during the OSU/A&M Regents meeting at OSU-Tulsa. The Financial Aid Consortium Agreement between OSU and TCC will assist students who are concurrently enrolled at TCC and OSU on the Tulsa and/or Stillwater campus. Many OSU-Tulsa and TCC students are enrolled in full-time course loads split between the two institutions. Consequently, they are considered part-time students at each. With this new measure, the combined OSU and TCC credit hours will be considered to determine enrollment status for financial aid eligibility.

“The agreement between OSU and TCC will make it possible for part-time students to be eligible for the same financial aid benefits as full-time students,” said Trennepohl. “With the increase in displaced workers who are returning to school, this agreement is being completed at a very beneficial time for these and many other students.”

Students who are enrolled less than half time at any college are not eligible for student loans. Some other tuition assistance is available, but full-time students have more financial aid options. Furthermore, the aid amounts available are greater for full-time students than for part time.

For more than two years, the OSU-Tulsa/TCC task force has been working to make the transition from TCC to OSU-Tulsa smoother for students. The 30-member group has been addressing issues ranging from financial aid to advisement to curriculum. This latest step is just one of many they have taken in the successful and ever-expanding partnership between the two schools.

“I am very excited at the opportunities this agreement presents for our students,” VanTrease noted. “It is great for the students and great for Tulsa because it strengthens the partnership that allows area students to receive a four-year degree without having to leave behind work and family connections.”

A variety of collaborations exist between OSU-Tulsa and TCC. Advisors coordinate continually to assist students with enrollment and to provide the necessary curriculum for them to complete their degrees without interruption between the two schools. As more students follow the collaborative degree plan, opportunities for improvement are being recognized and implemented.

Story contact: Dr. Mary Bea Drummond, OSU-Tulsa, 918-594-8223,