September 18, 2002



Oklahoma City Community College was recently named College of the Year by the Oklahoma Association of Colleges and Employers (OKACE). The College was chosen from among all of the higher education institutions who are members of OKACE.

Staci McPhearson, director of employment services for the college, said the institution was chosen for their support of the organization over the past years.

"We have really made it a priority to give back to the organization this past year. We volunteered to host meetings and have really supported the mission of this organization," said McPhearson, who served as secretary/treasurer for the association this past year.

McPhearson was also recognized for her outstanding contributions to the organization. She was named Member of the Year and will serve as president-elect next year. She has served on the association's board for three years and has been employed with the college for six years. Prior to her current position, McPhearson served as director of student life.
The Oklahoma Association of Colleges and Employers is a state professional association comprised of employers and career services professionals committed to the development and support of the career development and employment process of the college educated workforce.

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