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2020-21 OCALD Committees

Bylaws Revision
Members: Joy Summers-Ables (chair), Ann Raia, Tony Hardman and Karen Haught
Charge: Revise bylaws.

Cooperative Collection Development & Resource Sharing
Members: Victoria Swinney (co-chair), Stewart Brower (co-chair), Dana Belcher, Sarah Robbins, Deborah Thompson, David McMillan, Suzanne Rooker, Molly Strothmann and Shannon Leaper
Charge: Recommend state database licensing and other cooperative agreements. List and describe all current cooperative efforts. Develop new proposals for cooperation collection sharing.

Executive Committee
Members: Jon Goodell (chair), Ann Raia (chair-elect), Elaine Regier (secretary), Karen Haught (member-at-large), Dana Belcher (member-at-large) and Habib Tabatabai (past chair)

Cooperative Library Services and Standards
Members: Jason Dupree (chair), Tony Hardman, Pamela Louderback and Ona Britton-Spears
Charge: Develop statewide cooperative support for existing and emerging library services to distance learners.

Member: Stewart Brower (chair)
Charge: Recruit new libraries. Advertise the program to the academic community and the public. Revise documents as needed. Collect statistics and report to the membership.

Member: OCALD Secretary (chair)
Charge: Oversee the OCALD website and provide OSRHE the needed information to keep the site current.

Archives (ad-hoc)
Members: Jenny Duncan, Suzanne Rooker and Lynn Wallace
Charge: Create an archive for OCALD.