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OCALD Minutes

Minutes of the October 29, 2009 meeting
1-3 p.m.
OSU-Tulsa Library, Teleconference Room

Attending in Tulsa: Evelyn Schmitt, Susan Jeffries, Tamie Willis, Victoria Sweeney, Jon Sparks, Marty Thompson, Stewart Brower, Alan Lawless, Anne Prestamo, Adrianna Lancaster, Don Gilstrap, Tom Messner, Beth Freeman. Adrian Alexander.

Attending Via ITV: Sharon Saulmon, Sheila Johnson, Barbara King, Jolene Armstrong.

Executive Committee Report
Database Selection and November Meeting - The executive committee plans to have the November 19th meeting, pending a decision from ODL about the final selection for the statewide databases. Marty asked that we schedule a meeting once the database selection is announced, even if we can’t meet on November 19th. Don suggested that we operate under the assumption that the decision will be made in time. Don asked if the membership would email him if they would be willing to meet in December and if they would be comfortable with a late-minute cancellation.  

OK-Share Criteria – At the last meeting Beth presented questions regarding the OK-Share policy. The executive committee reviewed the policy, and in conjunction with feedback from members, the executive committee recommends that we leave the language the same to allow for the greatest flexibility. The group can revisit the criteria if libraries experience problems. Don called for discussion – none.

Expanded Instructional Support Committee – The executive committee recommends that we keep the current OCALD website on the Regent’s website and add an additional resources link to the site that Jon has been working on.  Don called for discussion – Tamie moved that we move forward; Beth seconded. All voted aye. No opposed.

Database Survey – Don asked that everyone respond to Anne’s database list request. Anne will send out a reminder to the list. Anne thanked everyone who has responded in good order. Anne has not tabulated any data yet since so many are still missing. Anne hopes to report data at the November meeting. Don reminded everyone that this is the kind of activity that has made OCALD successful.

New Business
Expanded Instructional Support
AT&T Grant – Developing Integrated Information Skills (Susan Jeffries)
Seven universities collaborated in a planning grant, funded by AT&T. The group administered the SAILS test, which is based on the ACRL standards, to incoming freshman during Fall 2008. The participants tested 1028 students at $3 per test. Each campus administered the test differently (can be online/paper; proctored/unproctored; with incentives/without incentives). The results were disseminated in January. The results were astounding in how consistently poorly our students scored across the seven institutions. The worst five areas: selecting finding tools, searching, ethics, using finding tool features, retrieving sources. The second aspect of the grant was to develop a framework for web-based instruction. One problem with existing sites that provide online instruction is that tutorials go out of date and the links to outside instruction are also out of date. Through the grant, the participants created a template to include a style manual and instructional guidelines and created a policy manual governing approval and revisions via a review committee. Now the group is looking for space to store the tutorials so that they can be easily shared. It is the group’s hope that others will want to participate in the sharing of tutorials. In phase II – the plan calls for hiring someone to create a body of tutorials, provide training to instruction librarians and create a repository system.

Discussion of Expanded Instructional Support Activities at Each OCALD Site –
Susan Jeffries – in a Social Research class, the librarians have been added to the Blackboard shell and participate in discussions. This has been successful with both faculty and students.
Jon Sparks – Librarians get involved in teaching freshman orientation and offer faculty workshops. They get involved on campus to generate interest and make the library more central. The library also implemented Text-A-Librarian which has been popular and the librarians are using LibGuides.
Stewart Brower – He gave a presentation to department chairs on open access, which resulted in several invitations to faculty meetings and preliminary conversations about creating a group on scholarly communication.
Marty Thompson – The library has PowerPoint presentations on plagiarism and copyright available on website, which was suggested by legal counsel.
Tamie Willis – The library is using LibGuides, which have made a huge impact. Now the librarians are creating VidGuides (90 seconds long) and are housing the videos on YouTube for ease of use with LibGuides.
Anne Prestamo – OSU is offering an online 1-credit hour course. The librarians see all freshman orientation classes and every Comp II student. She said the challenge is getting them at point of need. A staff member has written code to put a "my library" link in every Desire2Learn course which is connected to a customized list of resources specific to that specific course (has a find articles section, link to course reserves, see name/contact info for liaison librarian, and see list of ways to get assistance, and a quick search box (federated search).
Barbara King – OCCC has a new electronic services librarian who is working on some of these same initiatives (use Angel for course management system and creating tutorials with Camtasia and store tutorials on YouTube).

Statewide Guidelines on Information Literacy for Distance Learning (Susan Jeffries) and Web Site Development and Resources (Jon Sparks) –
Committee is working on the state guidelines for information literacy for distance learning and will have more to report in the future. Jon has a handout re. the website (and will send to the listserv). He has been working with OneNet to create a web 2.0 site that would allow all the academic librarians around the state to communicate. It will be linked to the OCALD site ( All who want to join the wiki website that has been developed at should send the names and email addresses of librarians from your institution who are interested. Marty suggested we have a list that each institution would list their library faculty and areas of responsibility.

Marty moved to adjourn; Evlyn seconded. Meeting adjourned at 3:07 p.m.