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High-quality and comprehensive databases and information services on community engagement, campus/community partnerships, service learning and engaged scholarship are available to OkCC members through the following links, along with the links they provide.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have provided links to several external websites below and hope they are helpful. However, the State Regents cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy or content of these sites or guarantee full access to them.

National Campus Compact
The national Campus Compact website offers a full resources library with course syllabi, knowledge hubs and civic action plans, as well as information about conferences, job availabilities, publications, initiatives, and links to each of the state compacts.

Oklahoma Campus Compact Annual Membership Survey of Service Statistics
The National Inventory for Institutional Infrastructure on Community Engagement (NIIICE, or NI3CE) is a free institutional assessment tool developed and administered by the Swearer Center at Brown University to map infrastructure of campuses and community engagement centers. The NIIICE has been adopted by Campus Compact in lieu of its annual census survey for 2018.

This survey can typically be completed by an administrator or committee. Institutional data is added to a growing national database that can be used for benchmarking and research. Each institution’s results are shared with the appropriate state Campus Compact, unless the institution chooses to opt out of this choice.

Oklahoma Campus Compact encourages all member institutions to avail themselves of this instrument to build knowledge and awareness, enhance coordination, and enable assessment of and strategic planning for community engagement for their campuses and communities. There are no deadlines on participation dates.

The survey can be found at

Conducted each year since 1986, Campus Compact’s member survey is the most widely distributed review of community-based learning, community partnerships and civic education in higher education. The survey provides institutions, researchers and higher education organizations with a powerful tool to capture curricular and cocurricular engagement, campus engagement, infrastructure and an array of other elements of higher education’s community engagement landscape. Affinity Reports for Institutional Comparisons are available at

2017 (PDF, 167k)
2016 (external link)
2015 (PDF, 219k)
2014 (PDF, 360k)
2013 (PDF, 309k)
2012 (PDF, 303k)

Other Resources
Food Insecurity: Better Information Could Help Eligible College Students Access Federal Food Assistance Benefits (GAO report) (external PDF)
Running a Campus Food Pantry: Student Government Toolkit (external PDF)
Service Learning Syllabi (300 exemplary service-learning syllabi across a wide variety of disciplines)
Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Criteria 1.D and 3.E
Carnegie Community Engagement Classification
Community Engagement Publication Outlets (external PDF)
Value of Volunteer Time (external PDF)
Risk Management: Beyond the Classroom