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Oklahoma Research Initiative  

Download the Oklahoma Reseach Initiative brochure (PDF, 927k)

The research path to a prosperous Oklahoma. Research produces new products and services, creating and expanding businesses resulting in more and higher paying jobs.

Oklahoma Research InitiativeThe Oklahoma Research Initiative will:

1. Launch the EDGE research endowment.
2. Make immediate research investments.
3. Prepare other industry clusters for future research
4. Install a unique network for sharing research
    results throughout Oklahoma.
5. Provide seed capital to assist the
    commercialization of research results.

Oklahoma Benefits From Research Investment

Flow chart indicating: Phase 1: Research and Development (Basic and Applied Research and Product Development). Phase 2: Commercialization (Product Commercialization and Product Rollout and Business Start-up). Phase 3: Business Expansion (Initiate Major Production and Global Deployment). Source: Moran, Stahl & Boyer, 2005.Research and Development
The Oklahoma Research Initiative targets Research and Development. Strong R&D is the essential prerequisite for commercialization of technology. Investments from the Oklahoma Research Initiative will supplement and foster, not replace other publicly and privately supported research.

Funding Oklahoma's Research Initiative
The EDGE $1 billion research endowment should continue to be the ultimate goal. The endowment would earn about $50 million to invest annually in strategically targeted research. However, we must begin investing now to avoid falling behind other states and regions in economic development.

Strategic Investment
Investments in research projects will be based on industry needs, strategically targeted and packaged, and large enough to vault Oklahoma into a leadership position. Anticipated results from these research investments will have a high probability of creating products and services that will lead businesses to expand or locate in Oklahoma. Investments will be made in judiciously selected areas in which Oklahoma has demonstrated world-class capability and/or in significant emerging areas in which Oklahoma can rapidly achieve leadership. Public investment decisions will be leveraged with private investments. Investments will be awarded on a competitive basis to projects representing multiple institutions and organizations.

Graphic of a mathematical equation.Business-Driven Decision Making
Governor will appoint the Oklahoma Research Initiative Board of seven outstanding business leaders from the technology sectors to identify potential high-priority research opportunities in key industry clusters. The board, supported by a small staff, will produce requests for proposals, review proposals, solicit specialized expert advice and make decisions. A board of investors will be appointed to manage the endowment. Research will be directed toward growing Oklahoma’s economy and creating more higher-paying jobs.

Proposed 2006 Research Agenda

Service life extension (SLE), integrated research and technology build on Oklahoma’s strong maintenance, repairs and overhaul (MRO) industry of aging aircraft, including structural health monitoring, advanced materials, aftermarket design and precision manufacturing.

Glycobiology and Glycomics – Oklahoma has already created new businesses from its concentration of expertise in understanding complex carbohydrates linked to proteins and lipids that are integral in processes that cause disease, the next big step in biology after sequencing the human genome.

Graphic of molecular structure.Plant Genomics for Forage Crop Improvement – Collaborative research in Oklahoma based on new discoveries in biology and genetics now permit the rapid improvement in higher quality forage for livestock and open the possibilities for producing therapeutic proteins and other high-value proteins for humans.

Geriatric Medicine - Build on the state’s strong programs in geriatric medicine to develop treatments for aging-related diseases through technology and research.

Hydrocarbon from Unconventional Reservoirs - As oil and gas reserves are reduced through production from conventional reservoirs, new instrumentation and techniques will enable extraction from Oklahoma unconventional reserves such as coal-bed methane, tight shales and very deep reservoirs.

Alternative Energy - Develop commercially viable alternative energy sources based on Oklahoma’s renewable resources.

Weather Science and Technology – The perfect model of collaboration of university, state and federal government and the private sector to produce better weather service, now to establish commercial radar manufacturing, integration, data delivery and software development.

Industry Clusters Research Priorities
Support for industry clusters to identify key research priorities as the basis for subsequent competitive research proposals (Oklahoma has identified eight key industry clusters: Aerospace/Aviation, Biosciences, Energy, Information Technology, Nanotechnology, Sensors, Telecommunications and Weather).

Graphic depicting DNA.Research Information Sharing Network
Oklahoma will establish a policy of sharing research results and implement a unique information technology network of information brokers so businesses throughout the state can benefit for the publicly funded research.

Technology Commercialization
A seed fund matched by private funds will assist the transfer and commercialization of research results into new products and expanding businesses.