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Quarterly Recommended Training Topics

A fully functioning health and safety program which complies with Title 40 O.S. and adopted and referenced standards is required. The safety coordinator is required to manage the health and safety program and to provide quarterly training. The following is a list of examples of appropriate training topics.

Contagious and Infectious Diseases
     Bloodborne Pathogens
     TB; HIV; Hepatitis A, B, C
Workstation-Related Issues
     Ergonomic Design; Lighting; Eye Strain

Emergency Evacuations; Drills; Fire Safety
     Aisles and Passageways
     Required Alarm Systems
     Emergency Exits
     Fire Extinguishers
Improving Driving Skills; Safety Belt Use
Housekeeping Issues; Keeping Workplace Clean and Orderly
Quality Assurance; Risk Management
Medical Services; First Aid
Oklahoma Hazard Communication Standard
     Assessment of Workplace Hazards
     Handling Hazardous Materials
     Storage of Flammables and Combustibles
Off-the-job Safety - Water/Boat/Lake/Fire
Understanding the Workers' Compensation System
Personal Protective Equipment
     Eye; Face; Hands; Respiratory; Head; Feet; Body
Electrical Safety; Shock Hazards
     Space Heaters
     Extension Cords
     Power Tools
Mechanical Safety
Spray Painting
Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards
Fall Protection

Stress Management
Violence in the Workplace
Physical Health
Alcohol and Other Drugs
Weight Control and Management
Smoking Cessation
Health Fairs

Combined Health and Safety
Environmental Hazards
     Laboratory Safety
     Chemical Hygiene Plan
Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
     Reduction Strategies
     Reporting Requirements
     Recordkeeping Requirements
     Office Safety and Health Issues
Back Safety
Vermin and Pest Control
Lawn Care and Building Maintenance