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Policy and Procedures Manual – Chapter 1 – Governance

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Chapter 1 – Governance is a compilation of legal excerpts from the Constitution of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Higher Education Code as enacted by the 1965 Legislature and as amended during subsequent sessions. (Updated Nov. 2, 2007)

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education is the state’s legal structure for providing public education at the collegiate level was set forth in the Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII-A, Section 1-4:

All institutions of higher education supported wholly or in part by direct legislative appropriations shall be integral parts of a unified system to be known as “The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.”

Chapter 1 РGovernance (PDF, 233k)


1.1 State System Coordination

1.2 Higher Education Defined

1.3 Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII-A, Sections 1-4

1.4 Oklahoma Constitution, Article XI, Section 5

1.5 The Oklahoma Higher Education Code, Article II, Sections 3202-3206

1.6 Administration

1.7 State System Institutions, Constituent Agencies, and Community Junior Colleges.

State System Chart