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State Authorization

The information on this page refers to degree-granting institutions only.  Non-degree-granting institutions are subject to the requirements of the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools.

Requirements to Operate with a Physical Presence in Oklahoma
As established by 34 CFR Section 600.9, 70 OS Section 4103, and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Institutional Accreditation and State Authorization policy, postsecondary degree-granting institutions operating in Oklahoma must:

The following types of institutions and activities are exempt from these requirements:

There is no process by which an unaccredited institution can achieve accreditation while operating in Oklahoma.

Requirements to Offer Distance Education in Oklahoma
As established by 34 CFR Section 600.9, out-of-state institutions that offer postsecondary degree-related distance education in another state must meet any of that state’s requirements to do so legally. Currently, Oklahoma has no such requirements in place for degree-granting institutions. Out-of-state institutions do not require Oklahoma authorization to offer online-only degree-related distance education in Oklahoma.

Physical Presence in Oklahoma
Details of what constitutes physical presence in Oklahoma can be found in the OSRHE’s Institutional Accreditation and State Authorization policy (PDF, 47k).

To obtain authorization, an institution must submit a completed application and supplemental materials. For more information and/or to receive the application packet, contact:

Elizabeth Walker
Coordinator for Academic Administration