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Archived Studies and Reports  

Admission Policy Impact Study (2000 and 2002)
Study on the effects of the increased admission standards on the State System and the institutional student profiles.

Annual Student Assessment Report (2001-02 through 2008-09)
Annual report on student assessment at Oklahoma public colleges and universities.

Budget Summary and Analysis (FY08 through FY18)
Summary and analysis of the total systemwide budgets for the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

Degrees and Certificates Conferred in Oklahoma Higher Education (1996-97 through 2017-18 and 2020-21)
Annual report data on the number of degrees and certificates conferred at Oklahoma public institutions (includes private institutions when available).

Employment Outcomes Report (2002 through 2018)
Reports on the employment of Oklahoma public college and university graduates.

Enrollment (2003-04 through 2021)
Enrollment data covering various areas such as trends; gender, age and ethnicity; headcount, credit hours and FTE; field of study; class level; delivery method and more.

Financial Aid Report (1999-2000 through 2008-09 and 2012-13 through 2015-16)
Annual financial aid report on grants, scholarships, loans and student employment information at Oklahoma colleges and universities.

High School Indicators Reports (1996-97 through 2020)
State Regents’ effort to provide measures or indicators of educational performance on: (1) Mean ACT Composite Scores, (2) High School to College-Going Rates, (3) Headcount, Semester Hours and GPA and (4) Remediation Rates.

Outcomes – Graduation and Persistence Rates (2003-04 through 2018-19 and 2003-04 through 2018-19)
Data regarding graduation rates and first-year persistence rates for public institutions within the state and within the institution.

Remediation Report (1998-99 through 2007-08 and 2012-13 through 2016-17)
Annual report on student remediation at Oklahoma public colleges and universities.

Faculty and Staff Salaries (2013-14 through 2015-16)
Salary and benefit data and analysis for faculty and selected administrative positions in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

Student Data Report (1997-98 through 2006-07)
Annual report on enrollment, student progression, student transfer, graduation rates, financial aid distribution and non-credit activities at Oklahoma public and private institutions.

Teacher Supply and Demand Study (2002)
Results of a study that examined teacher supply and demand in Oklahoma.

Tuition and Fee Rates (2007-08 through 2017-18)
Provides information relating to tuition and mandatory fees at colleges and universities in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

Tuition Impact Analysis Report (2007-08 through 2014-15)
Complies with reporting requirements in House Bill 1748 specifying limits and tuition guidelines for institutions in the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

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Archived Studies and Reports

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