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1999-2000 Course Equivalency Tables

Tables are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. File sizes are indicated in parentheses. You must have Acrobat Reader installed to view the tables.

Disciplines for the 1999-2000 School Year
Accounting Courses (PDF, 9k)
Anthropology Courses
(PDF, 13k)
Art Courses
(PDF, 28k)
Biology Courses
(PDF, 31k)
Chemistry Courses
(PDF, 16k)
Computer Science Courses
(PDF, 20k)
Criminal Justice Courses
(PDF, 14k)
Economics Courses
(PDF, 10k)
Engineering Courses
(PDF, 7k)
English Courses
(PDF, 19k)
Finance Courses
(PDF, 9k)
Geography Courses
(PDF, 9k)
History Courses
(PDF, 27k)
Humanities Courses
(PDF, 14k)
Information Systems Courses
(PDF, 23k)
Journalism Courses
(PDF, 24k)
Management Courses
(PDF, 10k)
Marketing Courses
(PDF, 19k)
Math Courses
(PDF, 17k)
Music Courses
(PDF, 10k)
Philosophy Courses
(PDF, 13k)
Physical Science Courses
(PDF, 10k)
Physics Courses
(PDF, 11k)
Political Science Courses
(PDF, 15k)
Psychology Courses
(PDF, 17k)
Religion Courses
(PDF, 9k)
Sociology Courses
(PDF, 30k)
Speech Courses
(PDF, 20k)
Theatre Courses
(PDF, 21k)
World/Foreign Language Courses
(PDF, 9k)