Effective June 30, 2023, all forms and letters will be submitted through Smartsheets, unless otherwise specified below. Please do not use Please do not submit hard copies of submissions by mail.

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Video tutorials will be coming soon for smartsheet forms and tracking of requests.

For more information

Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs


Please note that, due to the recent policy changes and implementation of Smartsheets, most forms have been modified. Some of the forms you are looking for may have been condensed into one form.

If the form you are looking for is not listed above, please contact Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp at

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Institutional Academic Plan and Degree Completion Plan

Links to the individual Institutional Academic Plans and Degree Completion Plans will be available soon. In the meantime, email Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp to request a copy for a specific institution.

Frequently Asked Questions About Academic Correspondences

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Contracts and Tech Transfers