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Simplifying the Transfer Process

During your college career, you may decide to transfer from one Oklahoma state college or university to another. The State Regents provide a course transfer matrix that outlines courses that will transfer among Oklahoma's public colleges and universities. To view the transfer matrix, click Course Transfer on the right menu. You can also contact the institution you plan to attend to find out what courses are required for the major you have chosen.

For More Information

Contact Angel Icenhour at or 405.225.9261 in the Oklahoma City area or call the Student Information Hotline at 800.858.1840, option 7.

For information/questions about transferring courses paid for by the Oklahoma's Promise program, call the Oklahoma's Promise office at 405.225.9239 in the Oklahoma City local dialing area, or for long distance, call toll free 800.858.1840. You can also email

What Is Reverse Transfer?

Many students enroll at community colleges and transfer courses from the community college to a university toward a bachelor’s degree. Reversing this process and transferring courses from the university back to the community college, is called reverse transfer. Students who transfer to a university before completing an associate degree and who have earned at least 15 credit hours from the community college may benefit from reverse transfer. The university courses that are transferred back to the community college may be used to fulfill degree requirements at both institutions. Therefore, students may earn the associate degree from the community college while attending the university. For more information, contact the registrar's office of the community college you attended.

Show What You Know

Show What You Know

Visit to learn how previously earned college credit, licenses, certifications, military training, advanced standing scores, and knowledge gained through other learning experiences can be applied toward a degree program.