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Academic Forgiveness

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Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policy provides for ways that, under certain circumstances, enable students to recover from academic problems. Students may seek academic forgiveness by utilizing the following institutional procedures:

Repeated Courses

A student shall have the prerogative to repeat courses. All attempts shall be recorded on the transcript with the earned grade for each listed in the semester earned. The Explanation of Grades section of the transcript will note that only the highest grade earned is used in the calculation of the GPA. If most recent repeated course was graded as pass-fail, then the pass-fail grade is used, and none of the previous letter grades apply.

Academic Reprieve

Academic reprieve is a provision allowing students who have experienced extraordinary circumstances to disregard up to two semesters in the calculation of the retention/graduation GPA. Students may request academic reprieve from Oklahoma State System of Higher Education (public) institutions with academic reprieve policies consistent with these guidelines.

Academic Renewal

Academic renewal is a provision allowing students who have had academic trouble in the past and who have been out of higher education for a number of years to recover without penalty and have a fresh start. Under academic renewal, coursework taken prior to a date specified by the institution is not counted in the retention/graduation GPA.

For more information about academic forgiveness, contact your college or university academic advisor or email