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Welcome to the Oklahoma State System for Higher Education Data Dashboards!

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s strategic plan, Blueprint 2030, reflects our commitment to leading a responsive, forward-thinking and data-driven state system of higher education. A key Blueprint 2030 strategy calls for interactive public dashboards with key performance data for both the system and for individual colleges and universities.

Our System Analysis and Reporting division has launched three initial interactive dashboards:

  • Enrollment
  • Student Success
  • Degrees Conferred

These dashboards allow users to gain a comprehensive understanding of key aspects across state system institutions.

Note: While our dashboards are available to mobile site users, they are optimized for desktop viewing due to the level of detail and customization available.

For additional context regarding programs of study (specifically STEM fields and Critical Occupations), we offer two essential documents. The first lists the Classification of Instructional Programs codes (CIP codes) used to designate STEM fields within our dashboards. The second details the CIP codes used to designate Critical Occupation fields. These documents may enhance your understanding of the data presented through our dashboards.

All links open in a new window.

CIP Codes ‚Äď STEM Fields (PDF, 161k)
CIP Codes ‚Äď Critical Occupation Fields (PDF, 687k)

AY22 Total System Headcount


Enrollment dashboards provide data on student headcount enrollment, full-time equivalent enrollment, and student credit hours by state system institutions.

Enrollment Dashboards

Graduation rates have increased at all institutional tiers over the last 10 years.

  • Two-Year

  • Regional

  • Research


Student Success

Student success dashboards provide data on student success, retention and graduation rates by state system institution.

Student Success Dashboards

Critical Occupation Degrees as a Percent of AY22 Degrees Conferred


Degrees and Certificates Conferred

Degrees and certificates conferred dashboards provide data on number and types of credentials awarded by state system institutions.

Degrees and Certificates Conferred Dashboards