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Do You Have a Plan for College?

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Having a plan for college has never been more important! Early planning for college is essential for student success.

The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education’s Do You Have a Plan for College? guides for 8th-10th and 11th-12th grade students – available exclusively online – provide tools to help students and parents:

  • Prepare academically and financially for college.
  • Explore campus and degree options.
  • Navigate the admission process.
  • Utilize, our comprehensive college planning portal for students, parents and educators.
  • Research careers and salary expectations for various jobs.

We also encourage students and parents to visit and, call the Student Information Hotline at 800.858.1840 (405.225.9239 in Oklahoma City), or email a request to for more information.

Educators and counselors, our Do You Have a Plan for College? guides are available exclusively in digital format for sharing with the students and parents you serve. Additionally, the State Regents’ 2023-24 Counselors’ Resource Book, your comprehensive reference guide for college planning information and resources, is available for download and printing.

Do You Have a Plan for College? Oklahoma’s Official Guide to Preparing for College, September 2023

English – 8th Through 10th Grade Students (PDF, 2m)
English – High School Juniors and Seniors (PDF, 2m)
Español – Alumnos de Octavo a Décimo Grado (PDF, 2m)
Español – Tercer Año y Último Año de la Prepatoria (PDF, 2m)