Oklahoma Rep. Mike Osburn was recognized today with the Distinguished Service Award for Higher Education. He was honored for his support of higher education in his role as Chair of the Rules Committee and as a member of the Appropriations and Budget Committee. He also serves on the Appropriations and Budget Subcommittee on Finance – Revenue and Taxation, Government Modernization and Efficiency Committee, Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget, State and Federal Redistricting Committee, and State and Federal Redistricting Oklahoma County Subcommittee.

“Since his election to the Oklahoma House of Representatives in 2016, Rep. Osburn has proven to be a very effective advocate for our state system colleges and universities,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “Through his steadfast support of funding for higher education, he has shown that he recognizes the value of a college degree as an investment in Oklahoma’s current and future workforce. The State Regents, the Council of College and University Presidents, and I are pleased to honor Rep. Osburn with a Distinguished Service Award for Higher Education.”

The Distinguished Service Awards for Higher Education recognize individuals who demonstrate distinguished leadership and support of higher education in Oklahoma during the legislative session. It is the highest award presented by the State Regents and the Council of College and University Presidents.

“I support higher education for all Oklahomans in my position in the state Legislature because I know its significance in helping individuals attain their dream jobs and a better quality of life,” Rep. Osburn said. “It is vital in growing our economy and building a better Oklahoma. I’m deeply honored to receive this award.”