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Connors State College and the Cherokee Nation Nursing/Career Ladder Program

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Connors State College, in collaboration with the Cherokee Nation, is addressing the nursing shortage through focusing on the Career Ladder program, a nursing pathway for licensed practical nurses to become registered nurses. For Career Ladder Students, prior learning credit is awarded for first- and second-semester nursing courses. Partnering with the Cherokee Nation and others, CSC provides employed LPNs with the opportunity to receive 15 credit hours of tuition waivers of general education courses needed for the prerequisites to nursing program admission. The partnership reduces the cost to those students seeking to advance their education and increase their credentials. Additionally, the Cherokee Nation provided CSC with a $100,000 donation to facilitate advancements within the nursing program. This partnership grows the local workforce and provides additional education and training for health care professionals serving patients in the northeast area of the state. Graduates of the program benefit from increased earning potential and drive economic reinvestment into the region. In addition to financial support and program development, the Cherokee Nation continues to serve as a resource for CSC by ensuring that the cultural identity and development of the tribally enrolled student population remains supported in a meaningful manner.