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Cameron University and Fires Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator

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Cameron University is excited to partner with Fires Innovation Science and Technology Accelerator (FISTA). The FISTA Innovation Park houses technology companies, defense contractors and learning institutions that support defense operations. The goal of the accelerator is to advance science and technology that support long-range precision fires and missile defense for Fort Sill but will also create local jobs and spur economic growth. CU is an integral partner with FISTA and its development as a voting member of the FISTA Advisory Committee. The FISTA Innovation Park offers almost 200,000 square feet of space for defense technology industries and serves as an accelerator to help defense businesses build relationships and share resources. FISTA targets bringing 150 high-tech jobs within two years of opening. Additionally, an estimated 275 service, retail and other ancillary jobs will be added to the Lawton Fort Sill community. The estimated total economic impact is expected to be $50 million. CU’s partnership with FISTA and other local entities will open new opportunities to address workforce needs and improve quality of life in southwestern Oklahoma as well as enhance the opportunities that exist between its students, alumni and local businesses. CU stands ready to adapt to this new and evolving market and values its partnership with FISTA.