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Northeastern State University and the Cherokee Nation

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In 1846, the Cherokee Nation created legislation to invest over half of its wealth to erect the National Female Seminary and fund its mission. More than a century later, Northeastern State University continues this proud commitment to education, thanks to its strong partnership with the Cherokee Nation. “The Cherokee Nation is more today—due to Northeastern State University. Likewise, NSU is more—due to its partnership with the Cherokee Nation,” Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. said. “For more than a century, our beautifully intertwined story has been one of dedication to the success of our region and its people.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cherokee Nation worked hand-in-hand with NSU to keep students and community members safe by providing immunizations and testing services. Together, the known positive cases across the region at a low rate.

In addition to funding generous scholarship opportunities annually for Cherokee students at NSU, tribal leaders recently donated $300,000 in support of a renovation project which will allow the NSU Center of Tribal Studies to move to a central university location where it can better serve Native American students and increase collaboration among NSU, the Cherokee Nation and other tribal-serving organizations. Last year the Cherokee Nation renewed its commitment to NSU by donating $5 million to the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry Vision for the Future campaign, which will create a new facility for Oklahoma’s only optometry college and the Cherokee Nation’s comprehensive and quality eye care provider. Cherokee leaders again honored their ancestors and bolstered the support of its longtime NSU partner with a gift of $4 million to help restore Seminary Hall for future generations. Thanks to their generosity, all students can appreciate Seminary Hall as a symbol of courage, hope and determination for the next 130 years and beyond.