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Oklahoma State University and Continental Resources

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In December 2021, Continental Resources and the Harold Hamm Foundation announced a combined $50 million gift to Oklahoma State University to create the Hamm Institute for American Energy in Oklahoma City. The Hamm Institute is committed to inspiring game-changing innovators to create the next generation of clean, affordable, reliable and responsibly produced energy for the world. Beyond its initial gift to establish the Hamm Institute, Continental Resources provides ongoing, valuable industry experience, perspective and knowledge. The Hamm Institute aims to become the center of all things American energy, which the world will look to for the best ideas when it comes to energy stewardship, research and education. It hosts symposiums, authors, speakers, energy summits and global energy leadership conversations. Innovative solutions to problems and opportunities resulting from university-industry engagement will provide economic development benefits for industry partners, entrepreneurs, and the state of Oklahoma, which includes new energy sector jobs created and qualified OSU graduates to fill them.