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Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and Xalter

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Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology’s partnership with Xalter began in June 2020, when the dean of creative technologies and the vice president of workforce development met with Xalter CEO Kevin Anderson. Xalter was seeking to expand its enterprise training virtual reality (VR) business, while OSU-IT was looking to develop a modular, hands-on training experience enabling access for remote students. Both parties jumped at the opportunity, placing them at the center of VR applied training development throughout the U.S. Since then, Xalter created five VR-based training modules for OSU-IT in culinary, pipeline, instrumentation and truck engine repair and developed a VR-based escape room for cybersecurity basic training principles. All funded by a $150,000 Epic MegaGrant. In addition to these milestones, Xalter remains a constant presence on campus. Setting up shop on campus, Xalter employees interact with students and learn about the industry procedures of each module. The people who work for Xalter participate in sponsor, partner and industry campus tours and spend hours learning the minute details of every toolset of the VR modules. Xalter sponsors internships, serves on advisory committees and assists in the implementation of VR headsets throughout campus. This led to the incorporation of more VR-based training modules on campus and paved the way for the expansion of OSU-IT’s online footprint. Simply put, the strategic plan of OSU-IT changed because of Xalter’s impact on campus. Xalter brought the gateway of virtual reality, innovative technology and cutting-edge educational tactics to OSU-IT’s doorstep. The future of OSU-IT has an opportunity to be the campus others seek to emulate due to the forward thinking of Xalter.