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Seminole State College and the Seminole Tourism Council

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Seminole State College and Seminole Tourism Council

For the past 25 years, the Seminole Tourism Council has supported projects aimed at attracting visitors to Seminole and boosting the local economy. This includes funding over 100 events, programs, building projects and marketing activities. Over the last decade, the council has directed funds to support the creation, development, operation and improvements for SSC’s community sports complex. This $12 million facility has been a catalyst for other economic development – including helping stimulate the building of a new housing addition, a hotel, two restaurants and a family fun center. Initially, the council matched college funds to support a position designed to help plan the complex and recruit tournaments and events. On multiple subsequent occasions, the council has funded specific projects at the field, such as enhancing the soccer field, fencing the property, purchasing sod for walkway areas and purchasing materials for additional parking lots. The ongoing partnership with SSC underscores their commitment to promoting health, wellness, and economic prosperity in the community.