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In 2000, the Oklahoma Legislature established VISION, the Virtual Internet School in Oklahoma Network, to lay the foundation in Oklahoma for the classroom of the future – one that uses the Internet and advanced technologies to improve the quality of our educational system as well as increasing access to all of Oklahoma’s students.

Launching the program in the fall of 2001, pilot schools introduced the development and delivery of a Web-based, Internet-enabled mathematics curriculum. Currently, 14 schools are participating in the program.

Prominent technology leaders such as Microsoft, Dell, Intel and SAP committed expertise, resources, computer hardware and staff support for the implementation of VISION’s pilot program, while OneNet, the state’s most advanced technology network and a division of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, worked closely with the private corporations in the integration of the equipment into its network.

In addition to centrally hosting the equipment, OneNet continues maintaining its commitment to the partnership by providing the necessary technical and network engineering support throughout the duration of the project.