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Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholarship Program

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The Chancellor’s Scholars Program was established by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education in 1990 with privately raised funds. Most of the fund was raised on the occasion of Dr. Hans Brisch’s 50th birthday and his 2003 retirement. Chancellor Brisch died in February 2006, at which time the State Regents renamed the program the Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholarship Program as a living legacy to his dedication to the students of Oklahoma.

Chancellor Glen D. Johnson continues the traditions of the program, which honors not only Chancellor Brisch but the office of Chancellor and all individuals who hold that office. Chancellors, staff and colleagues have contributed professional honoraria to the program corpus.

Recipients are academically talented high school seniors with outstanding leadership ability and a commitment to the enhancement of their communities. Community commitment is demonstrated through the students’ involvement in high school and/or community programs or projects that have resulted in an improvement of the learning environment of the school or the social betterment of the community.

The first Chancellor’s Scholars were recognized in 1992. To date, 110 outstanding young persons have been honored with the prestigious award. This year, one outstanding student was named a Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholar and will bring a vibrant, energetic presence to Oklahoma higher education, adding to the intellectual environment that fosters student success.

The 2024 award winners are:

To the 2024 Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholars:

On behalf of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, congratulations. As you know, the Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholarship Program consists of an elite group of young Oklahoma leaders who have distinguished themselves both academically and through service to their home communities. You are joining an impressive group of scholar leaders who are making a difference in the lives of others by consistently giving back to their communities.

I congratulate you, honor you, and wish you the best as you begin your postsecondary academic experience. We look forward to following your progress as you achieve your personal goals. We are proud to honor you as 2024 Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholars.

Allison D. Garrett, Chancellor

Past Chancellor’s Scholars