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Policy and Procedures Manual – Chapter 2 – Administrative Operations

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Chapter 2 – Administrative Operations covers the rules of operations for the State Regents and the various state institutions. The chapter also includes the delegation of authority to the chancellor, records inspection rules, the State Regents’ ethics policy, advisory councils and OneNet rate schedules. (Updated Oct. 5, 2008)

Chapter 2 – Administrative Operations (PDF, 285k)

2. Administrative Operations
2.1 Rules of Operation
2.2 Operational Procedures for Meetings
2.3 Petition Requesting Promulgation, Amendment or Repeal of Rules
2.4 Petitions for Declaratory Rulings
2.5 State Regents’ Committees
2.6 Election of State Regents’ Officers
2.7 Orientation of New Board Members
2.8 Delegation of Authority to Chancellor
2.9 Policy Statement on Indemnification
2.10 State Regents’ Ethics Policy
2.11 Reasonable Accommodation Policy
2.12 Compliance Policy
2.13 Regents Education Program
2.14 Student Advisory Board
2.15 Faculty Advisory Council
2.16 Council on Instruction
2.17 Council on Student Affairs
2.18 Council on Business Officers
2.19 Communicators Council
2.20 Economic Development Council
2.21 Council on Information Technology
2.22 Constitution of the Council of Presidents
2.23 Faculty Research Fellow Program
2.24 Use of Towers, Facilities and Communications Services
2.25 OneNet Acceptable Use Policy
2.26 OneNet Rate Schedule
2.27 Robert S. Kerr Conference Center
2.28 Privacy, Data Access and Management
2.29 Institutions Affirmative Action Plans
2.30 E.T. Dunlap Medal and Lectureship Program
2.31 Chief Information Officer for the State System of Higher Education