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Policy and Procedures Manual – Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs

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Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs sets forth policy affecting institutional accreditation, instructional program review, evaluation of higher education centers, preparation of an academic calendar, improvement of education standards and evaluation of proposals for new instructional programs. (Updated March 30, 2010)

For more information, see the Academic Affairs Procedures Handbook (PDF, 683k). This handbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the official State Regents’ Chapter 3, state policies and regulations, and state laws. It should be noted that the section numbering within the handbook is not in sequential order because procedure sections are derived from the official State Regents’ Policy and Procedures Manual, Chapter 3.

The four-year and two-year service area maps referenced in section 3.16 are available for viewing below. For printed versions, contact Kyle Foster at 405.225.9163 or

Four-Year Service Area Map (JPG, 5.2m)
Two-Year Service Area Map (JPG, 5.2m )

Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs (PDF)

3.              Academic Affairs Policy
3.1           Institutional Accreditation and State Authorization
3.2           Functions of Public Institutions
3.3           Function of Research in the State System
3.4           Academic Program Approval
3.5           Intensive English Program Approval and Review
3.6           Contractual Arrangements between HE and Other Entities
3.7           Academic Program Review
3.8           Approval of Changes in Academic Structure/Nomenclature
3.9           Institutional Admission and Retention
3.10        Concurrent Enrollment
3.11        Undergraduate Transfer and Articulation
3.12        Grading
3.13        Undergraduate Academic Course Load
3.14        Granting of Degrees
3.15        Undergraduate Degree Requirements
3.16        Credit for Prior Learning
3.17        Distance Education/Traditonal Off-Campus Courses/Programs
3.18        In-state/out-of-state Status of Enrolled Students
3.19        Academic Calendars
3.20        Student Assessment and Remediation
3.21        Teacher Education
3.22        Oklahoma Teacher Connection
3.23        Instructors’ English Proficiency
3.24        Professional Programs