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Policy and Procedures Manual – Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs

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Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs sets forth policy affecting academic operations of Oklahoma state system institutions, including institutional accreditation and function; standards for student admission, retention, and graduation; the in-state or out-of-state status of students; and instructional program approval and review.  For questions regarding Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs policy, contact Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp.

In 2022-2023, Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs underwent a comprehensive review and revision process guided by the following principles:

  1. Remove barriers to success;
  2. Emphasize quality and raise standards, but reduce the steps to achieve those standards;
  3. Simplify language and remove statements that are not policy;
  4. Promote efficiency and collaboration;
  5. Align with state statutes and accreditation standards;
  6. Foster innovation and speed to react to changing workforce needs;
  7. Reduce time spent on processes that don’t impact outcomes; and
  8. Eliminate requirements that cost more than the benefits they provide.

The review and revision process is nearing completion.  Approved policies are available below.

3.1 Institutional Accreditation and Authorization

3.2 Functions of Public Institutions

3.3 Function of Research in the State System

3.4 Academic Program Approval

3.5 Intensive English Program Approval and Review

3.6 Contractual Arrangements between Higher Education Institutions and Other Entities

3.7 Academic Program Review

3.8 Approval of Changes in Academic Structure and Nomenclature

3.9 Institutional Admission and Retention – COMING SOON

3.10 Concurrent Enrollment – UNDER REVIEW

3.11 Undergraduate Transfer and Articulation

3.12 Grading

3.13 Undergraduate Academic Course Load

3.14 Granting of Degrees

3.15 Undergraduate Degree Requirements

3.16 Credit for Prior Learning

3.17 Distance Education and Traditional Off-Campus Courses and Programs

3.18 In-State/Out-of-State Status of Enrolled Students

3.19 Academic Calendars

3.20 Student Assessment Plan

3.21 Teacher Education

3.22 Oklahoma Teacher Connection

3.23 Instructors English Proficiency

3.24 Professional Programs.

Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures Handbook

The Academic Affairs Policy and Procedures Handbook is being revised in tandem with Chapter 3 – Academic Affairs and will be posted on this page when revisions are complete. Until then, for questions regarding interpretation or application of state system policy, contact Dr. Robert Placido or Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp.

Service Area Maps

Maps showing the four-year and two-year service areas referenced in policy sections 3.2 and 3.17 are available for viewing below.  For questions about the maps or service areas, contact Dr. Robert Placido.

Four-Year Service Area Map (JPG, 5.2m)
Two-Year Service Area Map (JPG, 5.2m )