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Policy and Procedures Manual – Chapter 5 – Student Financial Aid

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Chapter 5 РStudent Financial Aid addresses policy pertaining to student financial aid and scholarships and includes policy for the Oklahoma College Assistance Program (formerly Guaranteed Student Loan Program), Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant/State Student Incentive Grant Program, Future Teachers Scholarship Program, Oklahoma Teacher Education Loan Program, Chiropractic Education Assistance Program, minority student aid programs, William P. Willis Scholarship Program and Paul Douglas Teachers Scholarship Program. (Updated Oct. 27, 2009)

Chapter 5 РStudent Financial Aid (PDF, 237k)


5.1        Oklahoma College Assistance Program
5.2        University and College Supporter Scholarship
5.3        Regional University baccalaureate scholarship program
5.4        Academic Scholars Program
5.5        Chancellor Hans Brisch Scholarship Program
5.6        William P. Willis Scholarship Program
5.7        Heartland Scholarship program
5.8        Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program/Oklahoma’s Promise
5.9        George and Donna Nigh Scholarship
5.10      Renee Neuwald Memorial Scholarship
5.11      Future Teachers‚Äô Scholarship Program
5.12      Paul Douglas Teacher Scholarship51
5.13      Chiropractic Education Assistance Program53
5.14      Teacher Shortage Employment Incentive Program55
5.15      Tulsa Reconciliation Education and Scholarship act
5.16      Oklahoma Tuition Equalization Grant
5.17      Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program
5.18       Brad Henry International Scholarship Program