Sen. Brent Howard was recognized with the 2019 Distinguished Service Award for Higher Education during a special ceremony today at Western Oklahoma State College. He was honored for his strong support and effective advocacy of higher education during his first term. He is a member of the state Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, Agriculture and Wildlife, General Government and Judiciary committees.

“Since his election to the State Senate in 2018, Sen. Howard has been a consistent supporter of higher education and an advocate for the state system of higher education‚Äôs budget request, including increasing faculty pay, fully funding concurrent enrollment for high school seniors and providing additional funds for Section 13 offset monies, which are utilized for deferred maintenance and capital expenditure purposes at our colleges and universities,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “We are pleased to honor Sen. Howard today with the 2019 Distinguished Service Award for Higher Education.”

The Distinguished Service Awards for Higher Education recognize individuals who demonstrate distinguished leadership and support of higher education in Oklahoma during the legislative session. It is the highest award presented by the State Regents and the Council of College and University Presidents.