At their meeting Thursday, the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education posted a revision to State Regents’ policy to establish a new permanent committee, the System Innovations Committee. State Regents’ Chair Ann Holloway announced the appointment of the following regents to serve on the committee: committee chair Regent Jody Parker, Regent Jeff Hickman, Regent Ann Holloway, and Regent Steven Taylor.

The State Regents’ other permanent committees include Academic Affairs and Social Justice and Student Services, Budget and Audit, Investment and Strategic Planning and Personnel and Technology.

“The System Innovations Committee will analyze data and key performance indicators recently developed through the comprehensive institutional fiscal and long-term viability reviews conducted by Huron Consulting, as well as similar informational materials that will be considered and produced by the System Innovations Committee on an ongoing basis,” said committee chair Regent Jody Parker. “The committee will research and review each institution’s key performance indicators and evaluate the ways in which Oklahoma’s colleges and universities are adapting to higher education’s changing local and national environment.”

The committee will provide guidance for the State Regents and Chancellor regarding the development of innovative strategies to improve institutional and system viability and performance, including establishing key performance indicators (e.g. fiscal viability, retention rates, graduation rates, employment outcomes, etc.); utilizing predictive analytics to assess state system performance; identifying important trends and engaging in data-driven decision making; identifying special programs or pilot projects to enhance institutional and state system student outcomes; and collaborating with outside stakeholders on leading-edge proposals.

“We continue our work to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on the Future of Higher Education, and establishing a permanent System Innovations Committee will strengthen those efforts,” said Chancellor Glen D. Johnson. “The committee will shape our focus and define our path to adapt Oklahoma higher education to fit changing business models, meet demand for workforce-aligned programs and enhance accountability and transparency.”

Formed in March 2017, the Task Force on the Future of Higher Education examined all aspects of system operations, including academic models, online education, structure, fiscal services and operational efficiencies, workforce development, and information technology. The Task Force unanimously approved its Report on the Future of Higher Education at its Jan. 31, 2018 meeting, and the State Regents subsequently accepted the Task Force report and recommendations at their Feb. 1, 2018 meeting.