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Oklahoma’s Colleges and Universities Logo Guidelines

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“Oklahoma‚Äôs Colleges and Universities” with the tagline is the less formal way to identify the State System, particularly when emphasizing accomplishments, attributes, qualities and aspirations. It is also used when associating with campus-specific initiatives.

Uses include:

  • Workforce/economic development
  • Counselors’ Resource Book: Oklahoma’s Colleges and Universities
  • Broader public marketing materials

Shared or dual uses include:

  • Oklahoma College Assistance Program
  • Oklahoma Money Matters
  • Oklahoma’s Promise
  • OneNet
OKCollegesUniversities Logo BlackBlue horzizontal

Horizontal, two-color
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OKCollegesUniversities Logo BlackBlue vertical

Vertical, two-color
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OKCollegesUniversities Logo Black horzizontal

Horizontal, black/white
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OKCollegesUniversities Logo Black vertical

Vertical, black/white
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