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Select a topic below for helpful academic information you need to succeed in college!

This section provides general information about several academic-related topics. This information does not substitute formal Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education policy statements. For more information, access policies at or contact Dr. Stephanie Beauchamp at 405.225.9399 or Policies may differ for independent (private) colleges and universities. Always check with the institution you wish to attend for additional information.

Academic Forgiveness
Learn about ways for students to recover from academic problems without forever jeopardizing academic standing.

Course Transfer
During your college career, you may decide to transfer from one Oklahoma state college or university to another. Get information on courses, admission standards, policies and more.

Degree Programs
Search for degree and certificate programs offered by Oklahoma state colleges and universities.

Degree Requirements
Get information about what is required to get a degree from an Oklahoma state college or university.

Diploma Mills
Learn the facts about accreditation, diploma mills and how to protect yourself.

Extrainstitutional Learning
Get information about getting credit for learning acquired from work and life experiences, independent reading and study, the mass media and participation in formal courses sponsored by associations, business, government, industry, the military and unions.

Students admitted to college who did not satisfactorily complete the high school core curriculum or make the required scores on the ACT or SAT must enhance their college readiness through a process called remediation. 

Residency Requirements
Resident or non-resident? Read about Oklahoma higher education’s residency policy.

Student Complaints
Get information about resolving disputes with institutions and complete an online form for requesting assistance from the State Regents.

Transcript Information/Closed Institutions
Find information on how to obtain transcripts from some closed private, vocational schools that operated in Oklahoma and where to go to learn how to handle federal financial aid loans if your private vocational school closed while you were attending.