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General Information for Grant Coordination

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Grants are awards of money, which generally do not need to be paid back, given to finance a particular project, activity or facility. Sources of funding for grants can come from government agencies (federal, state or local), corporations, crowdfunding platforms and private foundations.

Federal grants are generally larger awards, have very long applications, and require a team of people to oversee all guidelines are closely followed in grant administration. These guidelines are called the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200). Grants given by the federal government are required to be posted on a centralized database ( This database can be easily accessed by any member of the public.

Private foundation grants or corporate grants can be given by any private corporation or foundation that organizes giving efforts. Grants of this nature must follow the rules of the funder and are not obligated to follow the Uniform Guidance. They are usually given in smaller dollar amounts than federal grants. There is no centralized public search database for these awards; however, the Foundation Directory (overseen by Candid) does allow grant seekers a way to search for funders that most closely align with their needs. The Foundation Directory does allow limited online access, but it’s best to perform your search at a center that provides a centralized professional subscription to the full database. The location closest in proximity to the OSRHE offices is the Dulaney-Browne Library on the campus of Oklahoma City University. For other locations, visit the Foundation Directory website.

Crowdfunding platforms are another source of funding used by many people. These website platforms allow people searching for financial support to match with others who want to encourage their ideas and dreams or even provide classroom supplies to their students. Although the basic concept is the same, crowdfunding platforms are very specialized. All have different parameters and policies, so before you sign up, make sure the platform matches your situation.

Whether you are looking to begin or expand a search for funding, it’s always best to check with your organizational leadership to ensure you are also complying with workplace policies. OSRHE’s coordinator of grant writing and external funding assistance has compiled a list of online resources to assist you in your grant-making efforts.

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