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Oklahoma Teacher Connection Collegiate Grants are one-year grants that encourage the recruitment, retention and placement efforts of teachers in Oklahoma. In fulfilling OTC goals and objectives, these grants vary in activity and scope, supporting pre-collegiate student visitations to colleges of education, visitations of higher education representatives to K-12 schools, student tutoring and college preparation sessions, conferences and workshops, and professional development for current teachers.

2022-23 OTC Collegiate Grant Partners

Cameron University – From Emergency Certified to Full-Certification: Test Prep and Beyond is a grant that emphasizes retaining and supporting emergency-certified teachers in southwest Oklahoma who are preparing for the following professional exams: 1) elementary education, 2) early childhood education, 3) special education and 4) Praxis Performance Assessment for Teachers (PPAT). These workshops enhance knowledge and skills for teachers to use effective pedagogy and classroom management.

East Central University – The overarching objective of Recruiting Tigers to Teach is to target undecided majors in an effort to increase the number of students who choose a teacher education major. The project directors will host educative seminars and outreach events that offer opportunities to learn effective practices, as well as retain and support undergraduate students and individuals seeking alternative and emergency certification.

Northeastern State University – The goal of Early College Teacher Pipeline is twofold and will provide high school students (ninth-12th grades) the opportunity to: 1) explore their interests in the field of teaching by attending a presentation/workshop and 2) enroll in NSU’s concurrent Explorations in Teaching course (EDUC 3001), ultimately creating a true pipeline of teachers from ninth grade through college. This grant promotes an increased retention rate in teacher preparation. 

Northeastern State University – The focus of Struggling to Thriving: Amplifying Relationships Between Teachers and Students to Reduce Adverse Behaviors is supporting novice teachers who will engage in cohorts and receive one-on-one coaching with various professional development opportunities. Specifically, topics will include the area of effective classroom management with an emphasis on evidence-based practices to reduce problematic behaviors. Resources are provided through books and other materials.  

Oklahoma Panhandle State University – Rural Band Director Induction/Retention Program is a grant with the aim to retain novice and veteran band directors within the rural Oklahoma Panhandle region by providing workshops, materials and professional development activities.  Participants will benefit by having subject-specific mentoring designed to combat feeling overwhelmed with curriculum and increase collegiality for rural music teachers.

Oklahoma State University – The focus of Strengthening Mentoring Activities as a Recruitment Tool for the Family and Consumer Sciences Education Profession is to deliver enrichment experiences through an academy model, which will raise secondary students’ awareness of and commitment to postsecondary education opportunities and careers in the Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) education field. In addition, the project directors plan to provide focused, engaging experiences that provide a sustainable model for increased numbers of secondary students to declare higher education studies in FACS.

Oral Roberts University – ORU University-Led Teacher Induction Program for Novice Teachers provides early-career teachers with mentoring as they participate in university-led activities designed to sustain and support their decision to become a classroom teacher. Activities include monthly gatherings with instructional coaching, Saturday workshops, and exemplary classroom teacher observations and discussions. The participants will also gain leadership skills and engage in non-evaluative instructional coaching with a professor/mentor.

University of Central Oklahoma –The primary goal of Prospective Teachers Academy 2 is providing reinforcement for future educator high school programs, including Lead Oklahoma and Teach Oklahoma. These students from across the state will develop knowledge and skills for college success strategies, the career of teaching and teacher education programs. Family members are also invited to attend the Prospective Teachers Academy and show support for their student. Faculty show key skills, which include navigating college websites, scholarship opportunities, plan(s) of study, leadership and more.