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Lead Oklahoma is an exceptional program that seeks out eighth- and ninth-grade students who exemplify both academic and leadership skills. The objective of the program is to help prepare students to strive for achievement in the aforementioned areas.

Educators Rising, Lead Oklahoma and Teach Oklahoma have an implicit meaning in their titles that lends itself to more of what the programs are designed to accomplish, which is to reach a broader audience through better recognition of what the programs entail.

The Lead Oklahoma curriculum is a powerful and compelling resource for students which nurtures leadership potential, encourages academic success, and it builds and reinforces positive relationships.


Program Eligibility Requirements: Guidelines for the Lead Oklahoma Program
Lead Oklahoma Grant Rules (PDF, 29k)

Lead Oklahoma Information and Forms
2023-24 Lead Oklahoma Site Program Agreement (PDF, 240k)
Eligible-Ineligible Grant Expenses (PDF, 100k)
Photo Release Form (PDF, 134k)

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