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Annual Reports

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The Faculty Advisory Council is charged with submitting an annual written report of its activities to the Chancellor and to also maintain regular contact with the state’s faculty organizations to apprise them of significant developments (Article IV, Section 10 of Operating Procedures).

The following are the currently available Annual Reports:

1996 (PDF, 16k)
1997 (PDF, 48k)
1998 (PDF, 14k)
1999 (PDF, 33k)
2000 (PDF, 31k)
2001 (PDF, 51k)
2002 (PDF, 59k)
2003 (PDF, 34k)
2004 (PDF, 96k)
2005 (PDF, 33k)
2006 (PDF, 34k)
2007 (PDF, 44k)
2008 (PDF, 36k)
2009 (PDF, 31k)
2010 (PDF, 30k)
2011 (PDF, 70k)
2012 (PDF, 260k)
2013 (PDF, 230k)
2014 (PDF, 78k)
2015 (PDF, 66k)
2016 (PDF, 66k)
2017 (PDF, 66k)
2018 (PDF, 93k)
2019 (PDF, 124k)
2020 (PDF, 108k)