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2022 Workplan / Priority Issues

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  1. Enhance Public Understanding of Faculty Compensation.¬†Topics include but are not limited to workload; market value of salaries and instructional costs, describe faculty workload by institutional mission and responsibilities such as teaching, advising, service, and research; provide information on cost of instruction and economic impact; expand use of “Salaries in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education” annual report; and develop communications for distribution.
  2. Improve student preparation. Topics include but are not limited to learning more about the current K-12 standards and the process for developing new standards; impact of school counseling on transition from high school to college; public school assessment and accountability; and the role of arts in student development.
  3. Expand Communication with All Faculty. Topics include but are not limited to sharing information that comes to the Faculty Advisory Council and developing a communication strategy that reaches all institutions.
  4. Support State Regents Initiatives. Topics include but are not limited to Complete College America initiatives; Online Education Task Force (online assessment integrity); Campus Safety and Security Task Force; impact of Undergraduate Research Day; and legislation.   
  5. Student Retention and Persistence Efforts.
    1. OK is 49/50 for retention rates (55.7%).
    2. OK is 47/50 for persistence rates (65.6%).
  6. DEI initiatives. Topics include but are not limited to identifying ways to incorporate DEI in online teaching and online learning and develop or provide allied DEI trainings for institutions of higher education without dedicated DEI staff or departments.

To provide input or to seek information regarding the items on the workplan or any other matters of faculty concern, please contact any of the current members of the Faculty Advisory Council.