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Operating Procedures

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The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education recognize the value of a formal structure for faculty input and a strengthened linkage to an important constituency-faculty. Consequently, the State Regents have created a Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) to assist the State Regents.

Article 1 ‒ Name

The name of this group is the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.

Article II ‒ Purpose

The purpose of the FAC is to communicate to the Chancellor and the State Regents the views and interests of all Oklahoma college and university faculty on those issues that relate to the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the State Regents. In representing faculty, the FAC shall attempt to accurately represent the positions of faculty and develop the best proposals and recommendations to the State Regents.

Article III ‒ Membership

A. The FAC consists of 14 members elected by tier by the State Faculty Assembly at its fall annual meeting and appointed by the Chancellor.

B. Member of the FAC must be a faculty member at a college or university within the state of Oklahoma and should, at the time of election, be the president or designee of his/her institution’s faculty organization. In the event an institution does not have an official faculty organization, an individual receiving the consent and support of the faculty of that institution will be eligible for election to the FAC.

C. The term of office of the FAC member is two years, beginning January 1 in the year following election.

D. The membership of the FAC is elected from delegates attending the General Faculty Assembly and is comprised of:

Four members elected at large from delegates representing the two research universities in The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education: two from the University of Oklahoma and two from Oklahoma State University.

Four members elected at large from delegates representing the regional universities in the State System.

Four members elected at large from delegates representing the community colleges in the State System and the OSU Technical Branches in Oklahoma City and Okmulgee.  Representation will reflect a balance of two members from the metropolitan institutions (Oklahoma City Community College, Tulsa Community College, Rose State College, and OSU-Oklahoma City) and two members from the remaining community colleges.

Two members elected at large from delegates representing the regionally accredited independent colleges and universities in the state.

E. Delegates to the annual General Faculty Assembly will be the current president/chairman or designee of the faculty organization from each of the colleges and universities in Oklahoma.

F.   During the Assembly, elections for FAC membership shall be held for:

  • two research university positions;
  • two regional university positions;
  • two community college positions; and
  • one independent colleges/universities position.

G. In the event a tie vote occurs in an election for a membership position, the delegate from the institution which has not been previously represented on the FAC or which has the longest time gap in representation shall be declared the new member. If this method does not identify a new member, the new member will be chosen by the toss of a coin.

H. A member of the FAC who wishes to resign before his/her term expires must notify the Chancellor and the FAC in writing in a timely fashion.

I. A member who will be unable to attend meetings for an extended period of time but does not wish to resign from the FAC may be granted a leave-of-absence by the Chairman of the FAC if it is determined the work of the FAC would not be seriously hindered by the action.

J. A member will be removed from office if he/she does not continue to meet the requirements listed in this Article and/or fails to perform the duties described in Article IV. Proof of deficiencies warranting removal will be conclusively established by eight FAC members voting in favor of removal and with the concurrence of the Chancellor. The member subject to removal shall have the opportunity to respond to a motion for removal in person and/or in writing prior to a removal vote being taken.

K. Replacement appointments to fill leave-of-absence, resignation, or removal vacancies will be made by the Chancellor consistent with the membership requirements in this Article and with the advice of the FAC. Alumni members who may not be the president/chairman of a faculty organization will be eligible for selection as a replacement FAC member. If a resignation or removal replacement occurs during a member’s first year of service, the appointee will serve until the next General Faculty Assembly is convened, at which time the service tier represented will vote to continue or replace the appointment for the remainder of the term.

Article IV ‒ Duties

A. Members are encouraged to visit and become familiar with other institutions in the state.

B. The FAC will serve as an avenue for the faculty community to express input to the State Regents.

C. The FAC will elect an individual to serve as chair according to the following guidelines:

  • Two elections will take place each calendar year, one in December and one in May, where a chair and chair-elect will be elected;
  • The chair and chair-elect will be selected from the representing tiers and cannot succeed themselves or serve twice in one calendar year;
  • Terms of office are three months beginning in January of the election year;
  • In the absence of the chair, the chair-elect will represent the FAC; and in the absence of the chair-elect, the former chair will represent the FAC.

D. The chair will work with the State Regents’ office through a staff liaison designated by the Chancellor.

E. The Chancellor shall, with the advice of the FAC, appoint a reporter from his/her staff to take official minutes of the FAC meetings and maintain a file of FAC actions.

F. Members of the FAC will be called upon by the Chancellor to provide informal counsel and advice and to make presentations at public hearings, legislative meetings, etc.

G. The FAC, by a majority vote of its members, may submit recommendations to the Chancellor on matters relating to the duties and responsibilities of the State Regents.

H. Members of the FAC are encouraged to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the State Regents.

I. The FAC will work with the Chancellor and the designated liaison in developing an annual list of priorities and goals for rendering advice to the State Regents.

J. The FAC will submit an annual written report of its activities to the Chancellor and will also maintain regular contact with the state’s faculty organizations to apprise them of significant developments.

K. Clerical and administrative assistance to the FAC will be provided by the Chancellor’s office and the designated liaison in the conduct of the FAC business.

L. The Chair or designated spokesman for the FAC may develop a written and oral presentation to the State Regents on at least a quarterly basis or more frequently as needed. Written reports will be submitted in timely fashion to the Chancellor for inclusion in the official bound agenda for the Regents. For purposes of compliance with the state’s Open Meeting Act, reports and recommendations for Regents’ action should be submitted to the Chancellor at least three weeks prior to State Regents’ meetings.

Article V ‒ Authorization

The FAC will operate under guidelines established by the FAC with the concurrence of the Chancellor.

Article VI ‒ Meetings

A. A schedule of regular meetings of the FAC will be filed annually with the State Regents’ office.

B. A record of the FAC meetings shall be kept on official file in the office of the State Regents.

C. An individual designated by the Chancellor shall be invited to attend official meetings of the FAC.

Article VII ‒ Amendments

This document may be amended by a majority vote of the FAC and concurrence of the Chancellor.

Article VIII ‒ Alumni Members

A. Alumni members of the FAC are entitled to receive the minutes of the FAC upon request.

B. Alumni members are encouraged to offer their input to the FAC for the continued improvement of higher education in Oklahoma.

C. Alumni members are encouraged to attend the General Faculty Assembly and/or the regular December meeting of the FAC.

D. Alumni members, particularly those whose terms have recently expired, are encouraged to visit state faculty organizations for the purpose of explaining actions taken by the FAC relative to key higher education issues.

E. Alumni members, provided they are currently members of a college or university faculty, are eligible for appointment by the Chancellor to fill temporary vacancies or un-expired terms on the FAC in the manner provided by Article III, Section 8.

Approved by State Regents Dec. 17, 1990; amended April 28, 1995, June 27, 2002, Nov. 1, 2002, and Feb. 7, 2008.