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Archived CGR Meeting Agendas and Minutes

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Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
October 2019PDF (66k) 
May 2019PDF (64k)PDF (220k)
October 2018PDF (67k)PDF (120k)
May 2018PDF (50k)PDF (222k)
October 2017 PDF (204k)
May 2017PDF (49k)PDF (201k)
October 2016PDF (77k) 
April 2016PDF (49k)PDF (297k)
September 2015PDF (78k)PDF (170k)
February 2015PDF (153k)PDF (227k)
September 2014PDF (151k)PDF (219k)
April 2014PDF (146k)PDF (214k)
November 2013PDF (186k)PDF (141k)
April 2013PDF (154k)PDF (240k)
November 2012PDF (119k)PDF (105k)
February 2012PDF (109k)PDF (60k)
October 2011PDF (105k)PDF (66k)
April 2011PDF (105k)PDF (69k)
October 2010PDF (105k)PDF (37k)
April 2010PDF (25k)PDF (21k)
October 2009PDF (19k)PDF (85k)
April 2009PDF (21k)PDF (126k)
October 2008PDF (22k)PDF (171k)