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SAB Resolutions / Recommendations

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This is a partial list of resolutions. For the full list of resolutions, see the Annual Reports.


Oklahoma’s Promise Statutory Dedicated Funding Source (PDF, 89k)


Weapons on College Campuses (PDF, 86k)


Concealed Weapons on College Campuses (PDF, 20k)


Marketing of Student Information (PDF, 11k)
Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (PDF, 11k)
Textbook Costs (PDF, 12k)
Fiscal Year 2008 State Funding for Higher Education (PDF, 11k)


Capital Bond (PDF, 21k)
Employment Tax Proposal (PDF, 23k)
Faculty Enhancement (PDF, 21k)
Governance (PDF, 12k)


Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program (PDF, 66k)
Adjunct Faculty (PDF, 66k)
Economic Development Generating Excellence (PDF, 66k)
Retention and Graduation (PDF, 66k)
K-16 (PDF, 68k)
Nationally Competitive Educational Quality (PDF, 67k)
Debt Management (PDF, 68k)
VOICE/Civic Engagement (PDF, 66k)
GEAR UP (PDF, 68k)


Tuition (PDF, 64k)
OHLAP (PDF, 64k)
Civic Engagement (PDF, 64k)
Technology (PDF, 64k)
Faculty Retention (PDF, 63k)
Student Preparation (PDF, 64k)
Budget Reduction (PDF, 63k)
Academic Integrity (PDF, 63k)
Appreciation (PDF, 65k)


Sustaining Quality Faculty (PDF, 14k)


Faculty Technology Development (PDF, 15k)
Institutional Electronic Directories (PDF, 16k)
Institutional Use of Social Security Numbers (PDF, 15k)
Internet Usage (PDF, 19k)
Online Course Evaluation Summaries (PDF, 15k)
Online Enrollment (PDF, 15k)
Sustaining Quality Faculty (PDF, 19k)
Tuition (PDF, 18k)


Capstone Experience (PDF, 15k)
Disability Services (PDF, 13k)
Experiential Learning (PDF, 29k)
Faculty Retirement (PDF, 17k)
Faculty Salaries (PDF, 16k)
Library Access (PDF, 13k)
OTRS (PDF, 16k)
Student Preparation (PDF, 17k)
Student Retention (PDF, 16k)
Year-Round E-mail Access (PDF, 15k)
Campus Compact (PDF, 21k)
University-Supported PC Purchases (PDF, 15k)